Zebedee Strudwick


Zebedee Strudwick is a young English violinist and composer originating from Hampshire, and now based there again after having spent much of his life in Cornwall. He began his musical education learning the piano from the age of 6, later picking up the violin at 14, which quickly became his main performing instrument (attaining ABRSM grade 8 with distinction after two-and-a-half years of playing). He has since studied music at Royal Holloway, including orchestral collaboration with the London Mozart Players.

From a very early age he has had a passion for both music and history, which together as subjects fostered his love for different time periods and the music which transports us to them – this is shown by early performances, such as Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag at the age of 12, and a piano sonata of his own in the classical style, at The Hall for Cornwall. An interest in history is also evident in his music, which harks back to traditional ideals and aims to preserve these in a fresh, unique way.

Since beginning his composing studies and writing in a purely 18th Century style, the wide range of musical experiences enabled by violin playing, having worked with many ensembles, has significantly expanded his range of appreciated styles (and thus inspirations). With the St. Mewan Sinfonia (a Cornish string orchestra), he discovered a love for the heritage of his own country and became hugely inspired by composers such as Vaughan-Williams, Holst, Bridge, and in particular the special idealism and charm of Elgar; he composed his Symphonic Suite for Strings for them in 2016 when finishing his A-levels, with the finale containing a section which mixes melodies from several pieces he played with the orchestra as a tribute.

Since being disappointed at university by the harsh judgement of composing workshops and the staleness of the academic world, he has been thrilled to work with the Watford Youth Sinfonia, having the opportunity to perform a variety of challenging and exciting repertoire (such as Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring) and to compose, with them premiering his Youthful Overture in December 2018.

Zebedee is grateful for his musical experiences and looks forward to gaining further experience and renown as a composer. As such, he is delighted to be published by Apollo Edition.


  • A Youthful Overture (2018)